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Blue Moon

  In case you didn’t know, on News Years Eve there will be a Blue Moon (2 full moons in one month.  But this one is the first in 19 years on New Years Eve.  In addition, for those of … Continue reading

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The Ice Bowl

  I watched Monday Night Football and they complained about the cold.  Wimps!!  Check this out!   The 1967 game, played on December 31 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, remains the coldest NFL game on record in terms … Continue reading

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My Neighborhood At Christmas

  Can you say Clark Griswold??? Each Christmas my town holds a Christmas light display contest.  I drove around and took photos of some of the contestants.  WOW!!!  No wonder I lost power tonight! I’m pretty sure you could see … Continue reading

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How Santa Manages Christmas Eve

  How could one overweight man and a pack of tiny reindeer possibly deliver a toy to every child on Earth in just one night?  The answer is simple.  Santa doesn’t do it alone.  He relies on a team of … Continue reading

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One Ticked Off Neighbor!

  Today was trash pick-up day.  Every household was issued two containers, one for garbage  (landfill) and the other for recycled items (recycling plant).  There is a list posted inside the lid of each container telling you what can or … Continue reading

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My Early Christmas

  Due to a few circumstances that are beyond my control, such as the inability of obtaining a dogsitter and not wanting to pay $1500 to board them (also my darned feet have been acting up and my lungs can’t … Continue reading

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Surfing Santas and What?????

Santa heads for the Seal Beach waves with his long board on Friday. Michael Pless dries off after a Friday morning surfing session near the Seal Beach pier. Pless surfs in a Santa suit during the holiday season. Michael Pless … Continue reading

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