Trapping Critters

As you may remember, a few months ago I posted about a mouse/rat living in my garage.  I thought I had taken care of the problem using this:
That’s right!!  The Rat Zapper 2000!!  The electric chair for rats and mice.  Well, It’s time to reload!!  BWAHAHAHA!!!
Now speaking of trapping, here’s a funny albeit embarassing story for you.  When I was about 15 years old, my best friend Stephen and I saw an ad that said that Sears and Roebuck (what ever happened to poor Roebuck?) was paying good money for Muskrat pelts.  So we went out and bought six small- game traps.  We went down to the creek and set them up.  Sure enough, after three days all of the traps had a Muskrat in them!  We were thrilled and brought them home.  We did the whole ‘tanning’ thing – getting the skin and fur off, salting the skin, nailing them to boards and waiting for them to dry. After about 10 days, they were perfect!!!
I was able to talk my dad into driving us to Sears and we found the small room where this old guy was taking in the pelts.  He took them and one by one he checked them out!!  We were anticipating all of the money we would make,  We were Trappers!!!
Then he turned to us and said, "Boys, these here are sewer rats!".  HAHAHAHA!!  I can laugh now but at the time, we were devastated!!  And my dad tried so hard not to laugh.  On the way home he tried to console us by telling us that he aspired to be a Taxidermist but failed terribly with his first attempt with a squirell!  Apparently it ended up with ‘Popeye’ arms!!
After that, Stephen and I took up fishing…
But just maybe, with the Rat Zapper, I could take up taxidermy!!!
Have a Great weekend.  Roll Tide, Roll!!!
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5 Responses to Trapping Critters

  1. Silver says:

    Good luck with the rat catching! Do they make them for cockroches?We have a problem with la cucaracha in Spain! ewww

  2. john says:

    double 00 buckshot from a 12 ga. then a well ventilated pelt. a B rated one.

  3. Joe says:

    Man, I remember having rat plagues when living abroad…you killed one, you’d better kill them all because they’d seek revenge…I wish I was kidding. They used to poison plates of food when we lived there and then watch the horrific outcome…it was seriously gross! I had to smile at the story at the end of your blog…maybe that history is coming around to bite you in the butt now!

  4. Dana says:

    Admit it, your in the garage tanning their little hides for a new coat for your wife for Christmas right? ROFL.. had to read your blog to my hunter husband. hahaha Rats freak me out, I could never figure out why people want them for pets. There’s a new commercial of a guy dressed in a rat or mouse suit and the woman says "You disgust me" and he looks at her and says "prove it" Ewwww even though it’s an actor in a suit that gives me the creeps. ~~~~~~

  5. Jade says:

    hahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!when I was that age I took up tanning also!not going to tell you where I got the animals though :PYes, a beautiful fur coat for the missus 😀

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