More Odds and Ends


Wild boar is captured in Loma Linda neighborhood

A wild boar that reportedly chased people and smashed into a wrought-iron fence in Loma Linda on Wednesday was captured and will have to be euthanized, officials said.
The boar was spotted roaming a residential neighborhood about 8 a.m. and was finally corralled and sedated by animal control officers, who summoned state Department of Fish and Game officials.
"People don’t understand how strong animals are. This one was amazing" said Mike McBride, an assistant chief in the department.
McBride said his agency was told by local authorities that the boar had chased people. The animal, described as dark with a long snout, also charged into a wrought-iron fence and damaged it, he said.
"This thing was a handful," he said. "You would not want to be in the direction of this charging pig."
It took officials several hours to corner the animal and capture it in the backyard of a home in the 11500 block of Cedar Way. Given its aggressive nature, McBride said, officials have no choice but to euthanize it. "We’re used to seeing a lot of things," he said. "But even for us, this was something else."

Comment:  Wild Boars in Southern California??? 


4-Year-Olds hair holding him back

Pre-kindergartner Taylor Pugh likes his floppy hair just as it is:  long in the front and on the sides, covering his earlobes and shirt collar.

But his long locks violate the dress code in his suburban Dallas school district.  So Taylor sits in a library with a teacher’s aid while his friends play and learn together in class.

“They kicked me out,” said Taylor, 4, who prefers the nickname Tater Tot.  “I miss my friends.”

The district “is more concerned about his hair than his education,”  said Taylor’s father, Delton Pugh.  “ I don’t think it’s right to hold a child down and force him to do something…. when it’s not hurting him or affecting his education.”

A spokesman for the Mesquite County Independent School District said, “We expect students to adhere to the code of conduct.

Comment:  The kid is 4 years old!!  Shame on that school district AND the parents who let him do whatever he wants.


Street Sweepers

On the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month we have street sweeping trucks come by.  Following them is a patrol car and a ticket for $60 is issued if your car is parked on the street.  Well today, some poor soul was parked on the street and sure enough, got a ticket.  Not 10 minutes later, another squad pulled up and ticketed him again!!  I’m sure he’ll get out of one of them but GEEZ!! 

Comment:  People who leave their trash containers on the street do NOT get ticketed.  They have 4 days to bring them in.  What’s the difference?

Sorry this post turned into a rant…  Not intended.

7 days until Christmas!!  Are we all ready??

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7 Responses to More Odds and Ends

  1. Beth says:

    Hey Bob, thanks for stopping by my space and commenting.. I think your rants were all good ones.

  2. maillady says:

    Hey Bob, interesting stories. That kid needs to get his hair cut. I also hate when peolple leave their trash cans in the way of their mailbox.

  3. Laoch says:

    I’ve have seen wild boars before. They are truly fearsome when provoked.

  4. john says:

    Boars are nasty critters, their power is awesome. They can chomp a leg off in one bite. Pig raisers are very leary of their boars. tusks of a few inches in length and a ton of weight behind it, lots of power.There are rules, so,etimes to be questioned, but if one is going to an institution such as a school the rules are very public and one agrees to those rules. So what are the parents excuses for violating the rules. betcha they don’t care about the speed limit either and are probably highway bullies, road rage. or maybe they are politicans?Darn trash cans should come equipped with spring loaded retractors so they go back in front of the garage when empty.

  5. Joe says:

    I’ve only heard of the damage wild pigs can do but I sure believe it! I sometimes think that schools over do it with things but getting a hair cut doesn’t seem like much to ask for that kid…but a suspension…nah. Two tickets? Yikes! I hate to think of the cost of that!

  6. Kuskulana says:

    Geez is right, corralling, sedating and euthanizing a sausage on the hoof, rather than doing the humane 300 grain cure, and getting the bad boy right into a starring role in the next neighbored BBG?WHOOOO where is Ted Nugent when you need him?

  7. Hope says:

    Hello Bob..why is it we only visit during the holidays? "smile".. could be that I was gone for a long time perhaps??it really has been a long time sense I have visited you.. and for that I am sorry.. Boars are not very nice creatures.. and I sure would not want to be in its path.. as for the little boy and the hair cut.. so far I don’t long hair has anything to do with learning.. and the school should get a clue.. yes dress code is important.. but lets get real..and the fines for leaving the trash cans out.. well, how about fining the people who let their dogs run wild.. and get into those trash cans.. anyway.. "smile"how are you doing ? are you ready for Christmas? hope all is well in your corner of the world..have a beautiful daysoft hugs as always.Hope

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