Surfing Santas and What?????

Santa heads for the Seal Beach waves with his long board on Friday.

Michael Pless dries off after a Friday morning surfing session near the Seal Beach pier. Pless surfs in a Santa suit during the holiday season.

Michael Pless of Huntington Beach, shares holiday surfer cheer near the Seal Beach pier. Pless, who owns M & M Surfing School, loves to play the part of the Santa as he surfs and had a custom-made wetsuit made for the holiday season

Friday was a slow surf day but Michael Pless was determined to spread holiday cheer in the surf. Pless surfs in a Santa suit during the holiday season in Seal Beach.
Surf’s Up Santa Dude!!   HO HO HO!!
Man Convicted for Nudity at Home
Fairfax, Va.
A Fairfax County judge Friday convicted a man of indecent exposure in a case that has raised questions about what’s appropriate when people are in their own homes.
Two women said they saw much more of Erick Williamson than they cared to in October, even though he never left the confines of his home.  He received neither jail time nor a fine but is filing an appeal.  "I think that being tried and found guilty of something like this is outrageuod," he said.
Williamson testified that he never intended to expose himselfand was simplying exercising "personal freedom" as he as he spent several hours naked in his Springfield packing up belongings.
Police, prosecutors and two wiynesses, though, said, Williamson intended to draw attention to himself.
Prosecutor Marc Birnbaum said the witness testimonyshoed Wikkiamsom intended to expose himself by making himself visible for extended periods and making rattling noises and sings.
HAHAHAHAHA!!!  What a jerk but I wonder how long the ‘witnesses’ hung around to watch!  Rattling and singing????  LOL!
My Wife Is On A Roll!!
She has baked 70… that’s SEVENTY dozen Christmas cookies!!  So far!!  She is planning on 100 dozen.  I have been buying flour by the Metric ton and sugar by the 50lb sack!  But she has a large family and lots of friends who love eating them.  I’m the taster (Wooo Hooo!!) and I also get the ones that aren’t perfect.  I’ve been doing lots of tasting, URP!!!  My job it to run back and forth to the store and keep making room in the freezer.  I wish that turkey wasn’t in there….  But I think she’s running out of energy, ingredients, recipes and tupperware!!  YEA!!  The dogs just hang around her waiting for dropped cookies!
I hope your pre-Christmas weekend is going well and for those of you on the East Coast, Please stay indoors and take care!  My folks in NJ got 27 inches of snow!!  (It was 75F and sunny here…. Sorry!)
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8 Responses to Surfing Santas and What?????

  1. Joe says:

    Surfing Santa…woa dude, imagine that LOL! Nudity in the home? Well, I think I’ll keep all comments to myself on that one…except…how about speedos, that can’t be illegal can it? That’s a lot of cookies Bob! Simply amazing! That’s got to be a record somewhere!

  2. john says:

    now if the women had been nude also….then????cookis an cookies….here come rolly poley ….ya who cookies put em a surf board.

  3. Twila says:

    That surfing Santa should be in the gym….working on that ‘fallen 6 pack’!Am wondering if you copied/pasted the news about the ‘flasher’ or if you retyped it yersef? Awful lot of spelling errors there.Christmas cookies? Yeah, I’d love some! I haven’t had time to spit the last two weeks or so and not gonna’ get time till at least Christmas eve day. I need a break! Come see my blog Bob, you’ll see why.

  4. Sue says:

    Amazing surfing Santa pics! That’s the spirit! Wow, Becky has certainly outdone me! I’ve baked and given away more this year than usual—I didn’t buy any presents or anyone outside the immediate family—just flour and sugar! Everyone seems to love the sweet goodies, though—as who has time to bake?? It’s really been a nice holiday from stress without all that shopping, mailing and boxing from years past. I’ve actually enjoyed the Christmas season more this year! Hope you’ll check out my Christmas gift to Carol—the short story—on my blog! Merry Christmas Bob and Becky!

  5. maillady says:

    Surfin’ Santa Rocks! Absolutely lifts my spirits! And nudity? Yeah, just how long were those ladies window-peepin’? I backed off on the cookies this year, I made chocolate chip, peanut butter blossums, rice krispie bars with red and green M&M’s.and fudge. I will make some russian teacakes and forget ’em cookies too. The kids love ’em, but the cookie cutter cookies are just too much work. We also have our fair share of snow,and expecting more on Christmas Eve. I’m not complaining, wouldn’t be the same without it! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Babblelot says:

    Love the Santa surfer! What were those witness’s doing peeking through the guys window in the first place? I bet the dogs and you have had your fill of those delicious cookies thus far. I’m sure when she will serve some during the holidays you won’t resist. Have a wonderful Christmas Bob.

  7. Jaysey says:

    OMGoodness–surfing santa! crazy! Hope you’re enjoying your pre-holiday festivities!

  8. Unknown says:


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