One Ticked Off Neighbor!


Today was trash pick-up day.  Every household was issued two containers, one for garbage  (landfill) and the other for recycled items (recycling plant).  There is a list posted inside the lid of each container telling you what can or cannot be placed in each one.  There is also a warning:  DO NOT OVERFILL!!  THE LID MUST CLOSE!

Well, my other crazy neighbor, Rod, decided to do some pruning last weekend and stuffed way too much in one of his containers.  Not only did the trash men not pick it up but they  placed a red-tag warning on his container.

Rod Trash 001

When he came and saw it, he went ballistic!!  He cussed and swore and then he decided to trim off the top of the branches.  Nothing like closing the barn door after the cows got out!

Rod Trash 002 Rod Trash 003

The sad part is that trash day is the highlight of his week.  Oh yeah, and then he went and ‘borrowed’ a neighbor’s container for a week!  LOL!!!  NOT mine!  Never a dull moment here.  The culprit!!

Rod Trash 004


And Finally….

Mom Calls 911 Over Video Games

Boston – Police said a Boston woman called 911 to say she couldn’t get her 14-year old son to stop playing video games and go to sleep.

Two officers who responded persuaded the youth to obey his mother, Officer Joe Zanoli said.

Zanoli says the mother’s 911 call “was a little unusual, but by no means is it surprising – especially in today’s day and age when these kids play video games and computer games.”

The boy was reportedly playing the popular game “Grand Theft Auto.”

What the…?  Why not just take the game away from him??

I hope all of your shopping and running around is done and watch out for that next huge storm!!  It’s past me now and building.

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5 Responses to One Ticked Off Neighbor!

  1. john says:

    parent responsibility,,,,hah,,,call 911. Let somebody else do the dirty work.

  2. Joe says:

    The garbage drama sounds like something off funniest home videos or something LOL! The parents calling the cops over a deal like that? Good Lord, I have to second what John said…how ridiculous is that?

  3. Sue says:

    Wow, what a bizarre move on the mom’s part! I can’t imagine my kids ever defying me to that degree. Yeah, they argue some, but ultimately when I put my foot down, they obey. She must never have set in place a solid behaviour management routine. Certainly if mine ever disobeyed me like that, there’d be serious consequences!Love the trash pics! I have this mental image of you lurking behind your curtains with just the lens of the camera peeking out to get them!Have a great day!

  4. Lauren says:

    My goodness. A year passes by so fast! Hard to believe that it is nearly Christmas! I do not feel too Christmassy myself as I have been flat out working at Priceline! How have you been? Keeping yourself busy?I hope that you enjoy Christmas 2009MERRY CHRISTMASxoxo Lozza

  5. Jade says:

    I am watching santa on radar- its fantastic!

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