My Neighborhood At Christmas


Can you say Clark Griswold???

Each Christmas my town holds a Christmas light display contest.  I drove around and took photos of some of the contestants.  WOW!!!  No wonder I lost power tonight!

I’m pretty sure you could see some of these from space!

xmas lights xmas lights1 xmas lights2

xmas lights4 xmas lights5 xmas lights6

xmas lights7 xmas lights8 xmas lights95

xmas ligjhts3 xmas lights91 xmas lights92

xmas lighta93 xmas lights94 xmaslights9

There were more but my eyes began to burn.  I hope you enjoy these and that you had the Merriest Christmas ever!!!

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14 Responses to My Neighborhood At Christmas

  1. Joe says:

    Wow, talk about going out with a huge gare of light! Looks amazing Bob!

  2. maillady says:

    Those are spectacular! Weird to see no snow in the pictures(green grass?). I can’t imagine having to move all those things to cut the lawn! LOL They are beautiful though. All my best to you and Becky and the fur kids! Merry Christmas!

  3. Sanjana says:

    Hey Bob………..Merry Christmas……………hope you had a wonderful time…………..yeah some awesome pictures……………ive been going clickeety click as well since i got here……………but damn as usual you shoot better pictures………………..

  4. Stephen Craig says:

    Bob, Some folks do go all out with the decorations and some of them tend to "burn" my eyes too. Wish you a very good Christmas Weekend.As ever be well

  5. Greg says:

    Good day Sir…Clark Griswold…I love that movie. I laugh every time during certain parts no matter how many times I’ve watched a scene. My ex-mother-in-law said that movie always reminds her of me. I’m not sure if that was a compliment or an insult?Cold…Cold…Cold…Here in the Midwest. Actually 62% of the United States had a white Christmas this year.On a side note…Yesterday, that’s the first time I have ever witnesses disgruntled Lakers fans lash out.Have a Happy New Year and be well…Greg

  6. T says:

    Wow, lots of lights there. It’s very nice. Where I live isn’t like that. Some houses have lights on fir trees or Santa on the ladder or some lights on the windows … that’s pretty much all.Greetings,T

  7. Jean says:

    Wow! Now, how come we didn’t see one of your house?? lol Merry Christmas, Bob.. Hope you and Becky and the four-legged children are well and happy for the new year!love and hugs,Jean

  8. Babblelot says:

    Wow! Now I know why CA needs more electricity!

  9. Kat says:

    Holy Lightsville!!! How awesome is that?!I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Bob-a-roo…and thank you for my Christmas card!!

  10. Kat says:

    Wow awesome lights! Love the ones with lights all over the roof. Wouldn’t work here, with all the snow though. I won third place this year in our town contest. I planned to win first yet kind of gave up putting up more lights; family wouldn’t help and mocked me 😦 lol

  11. Kuskulana says:

    Wow! Where I grew up in spud country USA, Idaho of course, we were in a semi elete (Christmas lights that is) subdivision called Westwood Manor, People came in lines to drive by and enjoy. We had lots of trings of lights, a turning tinsile tree with color wheel on it and everything. That was back in the 60’s though, nothing like your local Lampoon show LOLBest wishes from the north!

  12. Sue says:

    Hey, Bob! Hope your Christmas was fun and Santa was generous with you! Yeah, those lights are definitely blinding—a little over the top, I’d say, for my taste. Did YOU put any up this year? Come on—pictures please!

  13. Holly says:

    Bob!Merrry Xmas!While It’s late!The photos is Beautiful.I think your Christmas was very funny!

  14. Dana says:

    Wowee! I was off the internet for about 10 days, (Have to admit kinda nice) but missed a lot of action on here. Those displays are amazing! I love Christmas ligts!

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