BCS Championship Game Tonight


Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days but I’ve been ill.  Headache, upset stomach, aches all over, etc.  But feeling better today.  So just a short blog tonight.

The Game.  Alabama vs Texas!!  Should be a good one indeed!  I’m picking Alabama because of their defense, but it could go either way.  31 to 17.  Roll Tide, Roll!!!

I’ll be back to normal tomorrow.  If you watch the game, enjoy.


Later:  Alabama Crimson Tide ROLLED!!!   37 to 21!!  My prediction was a little off but what the heck!

Posting tomorrow.

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4 Responses to BCS Championship Game Tonight

  1. Joe says:

    Get better soon Bob, I’ve been really sick too, what the heck right?

  2. john says:

    Bob 1, aches 0

  3. Grandpa Dewey says:

    Sorry that you have been, maybe this game will make you feel better. Only is that Colt can make it back.

  4. Sue says:

    Hope you are feeling better by today. No, I didn’t watch the game but glad you had some kind of diversion while you recuperate. Gee, I didn’t know you rode horses (see CarolDee’s blog!)!!!

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