My Neighbor and an Opinion

My neighbor Rod seems to be losing it.  He is obsessed with the leaves fom this tree.
It’s his tree and has been dropping leaves for 3 weeks.  Every day he is out there raking and leaf blowing.  He even does it while it’s raining.  On Wednesday the gardeners were there and picked up every leaf, and yet, there he was the next day doing his thing again.  His leaf blower is a bitty thing that sounds like a hair dryer.
He blows the leaves into the street and they eventually end up in my yard.  Thanks Rod!
We are expecting between 8" and 15" of rain between Sunday and through Friday so that should hopefully strip the tree from the last of it’s leaves but I expect him to be out there.
Pat Robertson’s recent comments on the Haitian earthquake castrophe – in which he suggested the disaster was a potential "blessing in disquise" and evidence of that nation’s cursed status thanks to it’s "pact with the devil" in the 18th century- were nasty, ignorant and heartless.
Robertson’s comments and indeed the man himself, are an utter embarrassment to the evangelical Christian community. To those within that community, I hope that he is roundly condemned and removed from any position in which he may claim to speak for Christians in any way, shape or form.
I would humbly draw your attention to the many Christian groups (such as World Vision, the Mennonite Central Commitee and others) that are working hard to actually help the devastated people of Haiti as a more accurate picture of Christian charity in response to human suffering, rather than Robertson’s callousness. He has been an immoral and delusional nut job to remain a public figure for far too long.
Plus, he has his theology reversed.  Promising to serve the devil makes one rich and powerful – not helpless, injured and destitute.  Satan offered Jesus "all of the kingdoms of the world" if he would serve the demonic one. Remember Pat??
Serving the devil is supposed to pay big dividends.  Look at Haiti.  Where are they??
Finally, a Haitian woman was quoted as screaming, "God, we know you can kill us!  We know you are strongest!  You don’t need to show us!!"
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8 Responses to My Neighbor and an Opinion

  1. Joe says:

    we used to have a neighbor that was about that obsessive with snow…whatever rain his bell…as long as he doesn’t kill anyone with a snow shovel! I personally don’t feel that was a good comment to make nor do I feel that God is the author of death, destruction and sickness to teach some kind of lesson. Bottom line I feel that God is good and bad things happen as a result of living in a fallen world and I don’t figure anyone will ever understand everything on this side. Judgement isn’t for us…any time you take that up you end up hurting yourself and everyone else. I’d much rather speak of better things and glorify God…that I can do.

  2. john says:

    a leaving episode with the neighbor… as friday would say, just the just the facts…. Been reading about the incoming moisture for CAL sounds pretty nasty for some areas and maybe dangerous.Are there any ARK builders in your area?

  3. Dana says:

    Pat Robertson is an old senile idiot and should have been removed from tv ages ago. I’ve heard him spew hate and judge any one who doesn’t have his political view also. Isn’t it in the bible that we are not to judge? Ugh he is an embarrasment. My dad use to have a neighbor that after the lawn was mowed he would go out with scissors to get any of the uneven grass. Oh my gosh he would die of a cardiac in our yard.

  4. Babblelot says:

    Now if you were to ask Rod if his eve trough’s were full of leaves you’d have more entertainment. Pat Robertson should not be a Christian spokesperson but have his own paper simular to the Enquirer!

  5. ♥ Aimee says:

    nothing is better than a neighbour that shares…

  6. Jade says:

    there are alot of people out there that have nothing to do but obsess over something!

  7. Hey Jude says:

    Don’t even get me started on neighbours!!! heheheHope you’re doing well, hun. 🙂

  8. Isabelle says:

    First of all I sincerely do not think that it is God who sends all sort of catastrophes on us!That is not my God!As regards the neighbor is he even conscious of what he is doing? If I were you I would have a little chat with him.

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