Heavy Rain, Big Surf and High Winds

The first of our five storms moved onshore last night.  After receiving 1" of rain overnight, there was a lull.  Right now, and through tomorrow we will and are getting massive rains.  Winds are steady at 40mph.  After a slight repreive on Wednesday the next storm will be here with the largest of the 5 storms arriving on Thursday. 
As expected, my neighbor Rod was out raking leaves in the rain.  At least he wasn’t on his roof!
As you can see, the leaves are winning!
Flooded streets
Overworked rain gutters
My Japanese rainchains can’t handle it
Rain from my patio roof
All in all, it’s wet ,cold  and very windy.  Cranking up the fireplace and making soup.
As far as the burn areas due to the wildfires, they are expecting 16" !!  After 2" there are already mudslides.  Oh yeah, and they have closed the beaches because of 25 foot surf.  It’s gonna be a long week or two.
Oh Great!  Thunder!!  See ya!!
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7 Responses to Heavy Rain, Big Surf and High Winds

  1. Joe says:

    I love the rainchains buddy but I can see the poor things are overworked. Starting up the fireplace and making soup sounds like a great idea!

  2. CAROL says:

    Stay Dry BOB.. be right over for the soup.. Glad you don’t live too close to those burn areas… take care : )

  3. maillady says:

    I bet the storms just drive the dogs nuts! Do you keep emergency supplies on hand? Today was 35 and sunny. I washed my truck without fear of it freezing shut! Take care.

  4. Babblelot says:

    Oh Bob wear your floaties and put some on yer pups. I hope you get through those storms with no problems.You didn’t put those leaves back on his lawn late last night didcha? LOL!!! Naw

  5. Sue says:

    Yeah, it’s coming down like a garden hose now—and has been most of the night. Too dark for pics, but may take some when it lightens up. I’m supposed to go up in the hills today, but think I can put it off until next week. I’m not afraid of the rain, but when the wind kicks up too, I don’t want to get stranded up a fallen tree or stuck in the mud. Great pics you got. Hope you don’t float away. Hubby and I turned the boat over so it won’t collect water, but may have to use it to get out from our place, if it doesn’t stop or slow down raining-wise. Hope you keep your power and stay dry!

  6. ♥ Aimee says:

    that is crazy…we have snow on the ground but it is expected to melt as we get some rain…but not that much rain…i do hope that you stay safe…

  7. Twila says:

    Stopped by to make sure you & Beck & the dogs hadn’t floated downstream with the trash cans. Glad to see you’re weathering the storm. 🙂 But sure wish you’d stop sending that crap our direction! Today we’ve got LOTS of freezing rain/ice. Schools closed. But good ol’ Twila still has to go to work. Hmmm. Guess I’d better get K’s sled out. Could use some sled dogs right about now. We’re expecting power outages due to ice on the lines and winds whipping them. Oh goodie. You guys take care, and if’n you think you hear a big ol’ train roarin’ down the street, take cover, cuz it ain’t no train!

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