First Day of Februrary

January is behind us so we are that much closer to Spring!!  So in honor of this day, I decided to BBQ ribs yesterday.  Nothing like getting a jump on Spring.!  They were GOOD!!!  And my wife made this:
Bananas Foster Upside-Down Cake!
How good does that look?  Better than the photo!
More rain coming this week.  Tuesday through Sunday, off and on.  Hopefully no mudslides.  I hope you enjoyed the last storms we sent your way… Sorry.  If only the Earth rotated the other way. 
I’m sleepy and my feet hurt so I’ll try to do a better post tomorrow and I’ll do some visiting!!
Nite all
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5 Responses to First Day of Februrary

  1. Joe says:

    Looks like a delicious way to usher in the days that are closer to spring Bob! It’s getting there though it doesn’t feel like it much here yet…still sooner or later winter will lose it’s grip…that’s always a good thing! Have a good night!

  2. Sue says:

    I think all this dampness aids us in our feet hurting…my heels are sore this morning. Can’t think of anything out of the ordinary to cause that. More rain all week, but only in small amounts, I guess. That cake looks TTOOO good. So, what’s on the menu for Super Bowl Sunday???

  3. Jade says:

    never saw such a cake!foot pain takes over the whole body-

  4. Stacy says:

    You need to share the recipe for that. Looks so yummy!

  5. R U Serious says:

    I’ll post that cake recipe tomorrow!

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