A Comment About Haiti


You may not agree with this but I was just thinking…
Haiti’s focus is off
The troubles in Haiti include earthquakes, rampant crime, incompetent government, theft, graft, extreme poverty and poor infrastructure. Bodies are buried in mass graves with little or no documentation. Thousands are unaccounted for since the earthquake. Relief workers cannot get aid to victims.

With all of the aforementioned problems, the Haitian government chose to arrest a group of people trying to get 33 children to safety?Does anyone really think that some Baptists from Idaho are selling children into slavery?

Maybe it is time to rethink giving aid to the government of Haiti.

And by the way, even though I picked the Colts to win the SuperBowl, hats off to the Saints!  The city of New Orleans needed that!  And The Who were Great!!!!
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5 Responses to A Comment About Haiti

  1. Joe says:

    I know what you mean about Haiti my friend, the president of that country had an interview where he said countries like the US should help them…I found that not only arrogant but incredibly off color considering how much they’ve been given. This would be an opportunity to rebuild not just the structures people live in but the structure of government that has been rife with corruption…I’m not going to hold my breath however. Bless ya man, have a good one.

  2. Beth says:

    You made some good points Bob.

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Bob, I have watched on the news…..why would this government start helping its citizens now after years and years od poverty and child selling and slavery….I think they are trying to position themselves to handle the enormous amounts of money and items coming in from the world. I was just wondering when the reports would start for how much was unaccounted. They had the parents consent because they cannot feed or house them, I read this http://www.thecronline.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=siteContent.default&objectID=20588 As Americans throwing money and everything we have we think that it will fix them or at least get them on the right track….I read in my newspaper young girls ,mother with kids are being victimized by men who are taking there food away from them or raping them. John MacArthur has recommended this organization http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWoctbKxp6I we can still help ,that honors God….take care Bob!

  4. Stephen Craig says:

    Bob, The government of Haiti obviously still has its public relations team intact, active, and adept at keeping Haiti in the news. Who knows what the Bible thumpers were thinking, or doing but am sure that they thought they were somehow serving a higher power. My hope is that they were serving the humanitarian cause and trying to improve the betterment rather than selling the kids on Ebay or taking them to Idaho to harvest potatoes. Hats off to the Saints and the city of New Orleans from one who survived 5 Mardi Gras’ in a row and can still smile at most of the memories. The Who were ok but are not now and were never "Great". Though at the moment I do have a Pinball Wizard buzzing around in my brain trying to get the song out of my head. Smile!As ever be well,

  5. -Grumps- says:

    I heard this morn on the news that three folk were shot to death in New Orleans over the SuperBowl. The Party’s on at Mardi Gras!! I won’t even touch the political aspect of Haiti other than to say, until there is one global governing body what’s mandate is the good of all mankind, that’s what yer goin ta get. As for these ten folk arrested for trying ta smuggle children out of Haiti with absolutely no authorization?? I’m thinkin there’s a ton ‘a reading between the lines to be done there. That they’re Baptists makes a difference??? Bein a priest in the Catholic diocese seems not ta make any difference when it comes ta buggering young alter/choir/orphanage boys. According to the news, these ten are all pleading ignorance saying they had no idea at the time that they were doing anything wrong. I’m thinkin between ten adults of whatever denomination, there would most certainly be at least one with smarts enough ta consider that there might possibly be a right way, and a wrong way. Whether or not anything ever comes to light, who’s ta say they’s not hooked up with some “kids for sale” outfit. I’ll reserve judgement on that one, and kudos to they who are tryin ta hepp, ‘n doin it the right way. Congrats to the Saints!! Take good care Bob, ‘n will catch ya later. Ciao Fer Now …

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