2010 Winter Games

I watched curling today.  The US men lost to Germany 7 to 5.  The U S team is a huge underdog.  After watching today I am updating my description of the sport.  Shuffleboard, bowling, chess and a lot of finesse.  By the way, the reason it’s called curling is because the sweepers cause the stone to ‘curl’ as it travels down the sheet of ice.
To learn more about curling, go here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curling
Also today, the underdog U S mens hockey team upset the Swiss 3 to 1.
Photos from yesterday’s games:
More pics tomorrow.
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3 Responses to 2010 Winter Games

  1. Joe says:

    Amazing pictures someone got there Bob, I’ve sure enjoyed the games this year!

  2. john says:

    Bob… been browsing your blurbs… thanks

  3. Dana says:

    Amazing athletes. I think I’m doing good when I stand outside and watch others play in the snow so I’ve got great admiration for their sports!

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