Pushing my dying computer to it’s limit

As in, this is my second post today.  Looks as if that tsunami was a dud, and thank God!!  We had a 3 foot surge here but nothing huge.  More concerned with the people in Chile.  8.8 earthquake was 500 times more powerful than the one in Haiti.  Many after shocks up to 6.9.  147 dead and at least 400 thousand  injured.  500,000 homes destroyed.  Hawaii dodged a bullet, but there was just a 6.5 quake in Japan today.  Prerparing for the big one here in So Cal!!
Anyhow, my next to last Olympic post:
By Chris Erskine

February 27, 2010

Asylum request: Could you be a little less friendly?

Two vendors at the Olympics are all smiles as they show off the Vancouver Games’ mascots — Miga, Sumi, Mukmuk and Quatchi. Canadians have long been known for their hospitality and good nature.

I’m here to please. Well, mostly I’m here to eat and drink. But if I can please the occasional Canadian while I’m here, all the better. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.

It’s no secret that I adore this town, but Friday I took it a step further by seeking political asylum here in Canada, citing governmental persecution back home and an inability to make or keep friends.

To prove how serious I am, I burned my U.S. passport in the bathtub one morning while yodeling "O Canada." The housekeeping staff got all excited and thought Canada had won another curling medal. Within seconds, everybody was doing the polka and singing "O Canada" in the hallway of my hotel. I simply congratulated them and worked my way toward the elevator.

My only reservation about seeking political asylum in Canada is that it is almost too friendly. Everywhere you go, all you hear is Americans gushing about the kindness of the locals.

It gets annoying fast.

The bartender at the Calling, at the corner of Davie and Denman, remembers my name four days later. Annoying.

The traffic cop says "thank you, sir" when you heed his request to stay within the crosswalk. Annoying.

On the bus, a young couple ask for directions to a restaurant, and are followed off by 10 strangers insisting on personally walking them to the door. How annoying is that?

This place is like one never-ending Garrison Keillor skit. These people need to show some restraint or idiots like me are never going to leave. And there goes your friendly, moose-scented little paradise.

For a week now, I’ve been eyeing some property in Stanley Park, a grossly underdeveloped chunk of land near downtown. The particular lot I like is right on the point, overlooking . . . what is that big lake called again? Oh, the Pacific.

It would be a perfect life. I am one of those people prone to standing on windy bluffs, staring longingly out to sea with a glass of wine tilted the wrong way and pouring down my pants.

Yes, it would be almost perfect. Eventually, my family would track me down. But it would be a blissful few hours.

To like and not to like

A fan of: Figure skates, the ultimate stiletto heel.

Not a fan of: Those flesh-colored pantyhose — or whatever they’re called — that come down over the figure skaters’ laces, like lumpy sausage.

A fan of: Nanaimo bars, a Canadian dessert treat, a better and more-evolved brownie.

Not a fan of: Reports that Noriki Tamura, owner of the sensational local hot dog place known as the Japadog, is considering opening an outlet in New York rather than L.A. or Chicago.

A fan of: The Richmond Olympic Oval, a speedskating venue with a distinctive Wheat Chex wood ceiling.

Not a fan of: BC Place, Vancouver’s mega-arena, which looks like a diseased mushroom.

A fan of: Hockey jerseys.

Not a fan of: Men in Spandex.

A Lightfoot slight?

These Olympic Games are winding down, but not before a blowout weekend featuring lots of good hockey and what promises to be an amazing number of hangovers — probably an Olympic record.

If the opening was any indication, Sunday’s closing ceremony will be something to watch. There is no parade of teams at the closing ceremony, which tends to speed things along. Look for Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot to perform. He won’t, but look for him anyway.

Somehow, the greatest voice of our generation — the "Canadian Sinatra" — has been overlooked. If there is a snafu that will dog this country for decades, it is the failure to include Gordon Lightfoot in this global celebration. Seriously, with a last name like Lightfoot, couldn’t they have sneaked him into one of those First Nations tributes?

So these Olympics are a long way from over. Among the stories I’m chasing is a report that women curlers made a pinup calendar. Steady yourselves, boys. The Vancougar (Cheryl Bernard) was not among them. She insists that only her husband and her doctor will ever see her topless. No comment from the rest of them.

This is what passes for scandal these days at the Winter Olympics, a bunch of pasty-skinned women wearing mostly goose bumps. I like goose bumps. In L.A., you hardly ever see them, except on geese. And geese rarely do calendars.

The good news is that the adults-only calendar was done for a worthy cause: To raise money for curling. Not sure yet whether it’s a pro- or anti-curling crusade.

Because, honestly, if we can wipe out curling, we can cure almost anything.

Yet more photos:

Members of Team Canada will look to avenge a 5-3 loss in preliminary-round play, while the younger Americans will try to continue their aggressive, hard-working style.  Nine are from the Anaheim Ducks!

Canadian players toasted gold-medal victory over U.S. with champagne, beer and cigars, sparking a mini-tempest. Hockey Canada apologizes,…

U.S.’ Steve Holcomb leads at halfway point of four-man bobsled competition

 Kim Yuna. The 19-year-old Olympic gold-medalist displays a balance of athleticism and artistry that sets her apart from other figure skaters.

Speedskating…The women beat top-ranked Canada in the team pursuit quarterfinals, and the men advance to the final with a win over a powerhouse team from the Netherlands.

Apolo Anton Ohno adds to his medal haul

The Olympics have been a blast!!  I hope you all have enjoyed my posts.  I have enjoyed posting photos. Had to replace the tape on my computer today.  New one on March 9th. 

Now, a soapbox moment:

* I hope to see in my lifetime, man lands on Mars. Of course, NBC will show it at midnight on the West Coast, because that’s when they’ll determine most viewers are watching.

* So the NHL doesn’t want to interrupt it’s regular season for future Olympics?  Really??  These Olympics have again proven how great the game is.  There is no better showcase of the sport for the millions of casual fans who rarely even pay attention to the sport. But the NHL apparently can’t sacrifice two weeks of Columbue-Nashville and Ottawa-Tampa Bay.  It’s no wonder it’s broadcasts don’t outdraw Andy Griffith reruns on TV.

That’s it for today.  Hope to post some good photos of the closing ceremonies tomorrow or Monday.  I had hoped to have more readers but you who did comment, and you know who you are, are truly my friends and I appreciate your comments.

Have a Great Sunday!!!






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6 Responses to Pushing my dying computer to it’s limit

  1. Joe says:

    Man, I’m glad nothing came of the tsunami warning my friend, glad for you and everyone else. That’s a monster quake…let’s hope that we don’t have the Big One just yet…or just ever for that matter. I simply can’t wait for that hockey game! That’s so much fun to watch in my opinion. The end ceremonies coming as well…it’s in Russia next I hear…yikes…let’s hope that they learn to forgive over the skating this year! The pictures have been a blast to see my friend, thanks for sharing!

  2. Beth says:

    Great pictures Bob.

  3. Sandra says:

    Glad you & your family are ok.

  4. -Grumps- says:

    They gals is lookin pretty happy out there celebrating on the ice. The gold medals, beer, Champaign, cigars and all. I’d heard, and read of this “mini tempest”, ‘n was left wonderin “what in Hades is IOC’s problem???” I’m thinkin they gals pretty much bought, ‘n paid for that ice with they’s blood sweat, ‘n tears. Give it a rest already!! Which I believe is now IOC’s stand, or should I say ’slump’, on the matter. Canadian Women’s curling team goes home with silver. Good on ‘em!!! Sheesh man!! All ‘a this with the earthquakes ‘n all is enough ta have ya thinkin our little rock island in the sky is uppin ta split in two. Was lookin at yer pics in previous blobs. WOW!!! Take good care Bob. Catch ya later. Ciao Fer Now …

  5. Grandma's says:

    I’m glad the Tsunami didn’t become as widespread and disastrous as feared….but I am thankful that they have a good warning system in place…better safe than sorry.Still praying for all the people in Chile. Not looking forward to the day when our BIG ONE is supposed to hit. Once the Olympic coverage is over with you can bet our Newspapers will be splashed with headlines such as "Are you Prepared for the Big One" happens every time there is a quake anywhere in the world no matter how big or small.Looking forward to the hockey game tomorrow and the closing ceremonies….of course I’ll be watching them on T.V.Really enjoyed Chris Erskine’s articles and all the photos you shared with us. Hard to believe you did that with a dying computer.Have a wonderful Sunday~Karin~

  6. Dana says:

    Hey Bob! I was on my computer sabbatical for two weeks. I HAVE to do it to break the addictions hubby and form with this computer. We wander around the first day or so then remember "oh yeah there’s some stuff to do!" LOLI do miss your blogs though. The winter olympics are my favorite. I don’t really care about the other sports but man have they been good this year huh? We 2 watched the tsunami that didn’t happen, thankfully then when we would have sounded the clear (way before they did) we took a nap. Nice lazy day. Hope all is well with you and if you need some duct tape for that puter let me know!

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