My Checkup

I apologize for not posting in a week and not letting you know how I was was doing.  I just spent the week trying get into a routine… using the Nebulizer four times a day,  getting on schedule with my meds and mostly resting.  The Antibiotics caused a rash every time I took one, which was one pill, two times daily for a week, but I did finish the prescription.  The diuretics have been no fun either.
My calves and feet, which were huge and swollen, are now back to normal.  Yes, I have my ‘chicken legs’ back!  The needle marks on my arms are almost gone and when I was weighed at my doctor’s office I was down to 187 lbs (my high school weight).  Two weeks ago I weighed 220 lbs but I beleive it’s water loss from the diuretics and so does my doctor.
Well,  I had my first checkup yesterday and after giving me the once-over he desribed my recovery as "Amazing!!"  Liver, Heart, Lungs, Colon, Intestines, Gall Bladder and Spleen are all as they should be.  Also, my Blood Pressure is right where he wants it to be.  On the way out I stopped at the lab and had blood drawn to check my Hemoglobin count.  My next appointment is May 28 and that Colonoscopy has been rescheduled for 6 months from now.  I feel 15 years younger!  Walking and excercise begins tomorrow.
One last thing.  Through all of this, Becky has been a rock.  Cooking, cleaning, visiting me twice a day in the hospital and driving me around when I wasn’t allowed to drive.  All of that  while still performing her 10 hour a day normal but stressful job.
Thank you all for caring, very much.  I will resume my posts this week.
Take care.
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17 Responses to My Checkup

  1. john says:

    glad to hear things are going okay for you.

  2. Grandma's says:

    Awesome news, Bob.

  3. Stephen Craig says:

    Bob, Great news all the way around but please trust me on this and take the walking and exercise easy. To start with that is good but do not over do. I am not a poster "child old fart" for this because as soon as I got home after every major surgery the first thing I did was go out and walk a mile or so, no matter the pain I had to be active and though rest is healing, being about was paramount one step at a time. Good to see you up and about and as ever be well

  4. Joe says:

    Simply incredible Bob! I’d say that you are one tough cookie, thank God for you’ve had God and your wife to be there for you. I’m still believing for your full recovery. Bless ya bud!

  5. Babblelot says:

    We like swollen calves round these parts but not the calves yer talkin about. Yep, yer the cake and what makes you is Becky the frosting. That’s as poetic as I can git. So happy yer gettin better my friend. Now time to git in some trouble. Wait, no not yet.

  6. maillady says:

    Thanks for the update! Glad you’re doing better. Hugs to you, and to Becky for putiin’ up with ya ; )

  7. Hey Jude says:

    Hey you, hope you’re feeling better soon. You take it easy and take care of yourself. 🙂

  8. Nancy says:

    sounds like your on the way to a full life! I am impressed Bob that you have followed up and done everything to get healthy…..your wife Becky is a one of a kind women! That is true love! That is what God had in mind when he created marriage, take care Bob =].

  9. Kuskulana says:

    Been there done that more or less, carry on!

  10. Jade says:

    take it slooowly… dont feel burdened to blog either.Keep treating your body with kindness, no more alcohol etc…We want you to Stay around not just Be around.

  11. -Grumps- says:

    Is nothing to apologize for Bob. Great ta see things is goin well. Take good care, ‘n will catch ya later. Ciao Fer Now …

  12. Sue says:

    Nothing but good things from you is what we all want to hear! Give Becky a big hug from me and you be sure she gets a dozen roses soon! So, what are you going to do for exercise? Whatever it is, I hope your camera is nearby. Since I need all the exercise I can get, I always park far away from any store so I have to WALK more; take the stairs instead of elevators when you can; do as much of the lawn work you can yourself; and if you live on a fairly level area, get a nice senseable bike (so you can give Hello Kitty a run for his money!). Oh, and how about walking your dogs more??? So glad to finally hear how you’re doing. Those Phillies are really doing well so far this year!!!

  13. Tom says:

    Good news/ We always like that

  14. Sandra says:

    Just stopped by to see how you were, I sincerly hope you get stronger every day. Take care and may you and your family have a pleasant week.

  15. Kat says:

    Bob-a-roo!! What the heck man?? I leave blogland for a few months and come back to your falling apart!! I gotta say…reading your blog was like watching TV without the commercials! If I had had to wait for news after your first post of zooming the ER I woulda been freaking out! But… foward…and you are home and all better 🙂 Aw Bob-a-roo. Please, please take care of yourself…you would be greatly missed!*hugsss*

  16. Grandma's says:

    Just checking up on you Bob. Hope all is well.

  17. CAROL says:

    EEEGads Bob.. you been a sick boy.. glad you are on the mend and doing well. Having spent so much time in the hosp with mom and wth dr’s etc.. glad your dr is on top of things. Congrats on all the good test results.. : )

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