Bonnie’s Big Day

Bonnie has a ‘date’ tomorrow with another (male) Cairn Terrier.  A new restaurant has opened that serves people and dogs.  They have waiters, bus boys and I heard, ‘pooper stoopers’!  Two different menus, of course.  Becky’s new BFF has a Cairn about the same age as Bonnie.  The name of the place is Lazy Dog Cafe and it looks very nice.  I just hope Bonnie behaves!Sarcastic
Of course seeing as how Bonnie is a tomboy,  Becky is taking her to a doggie ‘Beauty Salon’ ( groomer) tomorrow morning and she will be taking pictures of the grooming and the ‘Date’.  I have ‘before’ pics and I’ll post all of them tomorrow evening.
Now THIS ticks me off!!  Baring teeth
City workers stopped a few houses down and began looking at the sidewalk and two trees next to it.  A huge Maple and a small Jacaranda, a tropical tree with beautiful purple flowers.  Being the curious type, I strolled down there in my robe to find out what was going on.  Turns out, the sidewalk was being cracked by roots from one of the trees.  They determined that it had to be the 30 foot Jacaranda and NOT the 120 foot Maple.  Idiots!!  So they stood for an hour scratching their heads before finally replacing a 3 foot square slab of pavement.  They are returning tomorrow to remove the Jacaranda. 
I figure they had 3 options:
Cut back the roots on the Maple, which is the offending tree, but that would be too much work,
Cut down the Jacaranda so it looked they had actually done some work, or…
 Don’t cut down anything and simply replace the small piece of sidewalk every 5 years.  Sounds like a no-brainer to me.
 Anyhow, I’ll be back tomorrow with ‘Date’ pics!!
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5 Responses to Bonnie’s Big Day

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve seen actual wedding chapels for dogs in Japa and I have to admit I’m a bit incredulous about such things Bob. Kind of like Speedos, they’re out there but I can’t imagine people using them! Sorry about the tree. I would think in a green obsessed state such things wouldn’t happen…go figure!

  2. Sue says:

    What a shame! Gee, if they cut down the Jac, they can still have a job down the road replacing the sidewalk piece—but that’s probably NOT why they chose the smaller tree…HA! Can’t wait for the before and after pics of Bonnie and her new look. We’re in the market for a new pup, but we want an Australian Shepherd (or an Aussie Cross)…and we can’t afford the pure-bred prices…

  3. Sandra says:

    I ‘ve heard of these kind of places for dogs, never saw one( CUTE I THINK HA-HA) I picture it this way in my mind,As the picture of dogs playing cards sitting at a round table, Are you familiar with that picture? Eating at a round table, playing cards etc. Thats funny. You made my Friday, Thanks Bob. The tree incident? As a little girl, my family and i livedin a house with a huge Chestnut Tree growing outside our house on the sidewalk. Loved those Chestnuts, the branches were so long, that 1 was growing: in the summer when my mom would open her bedroom window; the branch wouldcome in.(truth) Then the city cut it down. The branches could’ve been trimmed.Iwas so sad.

  4. Nancy says:

    ru serious??? about the doggie restaurant…… husbands cousin invited us for dinner, after dinner her dogs got to lick the plates clean, that was 4 years ago haven’t been back for dinner =]! …we have 2 mesquite trees situated near the water lines near the sidewalk….so far no one has said anything but our water bill is really high…the shade it produces though during the summer awesome!…..your right Bob not sad today! Hope your feeling fine!

  5. GreatGranny says:

    Can’t wait to see pix of Bonnie on her date.

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