Small Town Newspapers

We receive three of them weekly and my favorite pastime is to look for the typos, of which there are many.  Unfortunatley, only one has a website, so not many photos I can post.
Headline #1  "Our buildings are in good shape – So let’s spend the $1/2 billion on some monuments."!!!!
Comment:  Yeah, right!  It’s a LOAN idiots, to be paid back at 6% interest.  Here’s an idea!  Bring the City’s buildings up to earthquake code.  Sounds like short term gratification to monuments.
Headline #2 "Dachshund Group plans picnic and Wiener Dog Races".
                    Returning to Westminster for it’s third get together, the So. California Dachshund Relief, Inc. is set to use Indian Village Park, which is actually a flood channel so no barking complaints should occur.   The group plans a picnic, DACHSHUND DUNKING, apple races and a costume contest.
Comment:  I’ll be keeping Baxter indoors that day.
The other day, May 11, I felt pretty good so I strolled outside to take a few pics on my new camera.  There seemed to be alot of action, if you can call it that. 
Rod was having his carpet steam-cleaned:
Two sets of gardeners were working (tuned up my sprinklers and fed the lawn):
And then these guys showed up to pump out the sewer lines.  (What’s with the beach umbrella?)
Also, notice that the small Jacaranda tree was spared!!
I woke up the next day with blood and. water (?) in my sock so I immediately called my Podiatrist to make an appointment and the receptionist informed me that the next available appointment was May 24!!  I told her "Look! The last time this happened I ended up with a Staph infection and lost my toe!".  She paused for a moment and said, "How about tomorrow at 10:15 AM?".  What’s with doctors??  Unless your foot is falling off, you can wait, I guess. 
So, I get there and it’s a new doctor!  Yikes!!  He begins cutting away at it, puts some ointment on it and wraps it in the strangest configuration I’ve ever seen.  He prescribes antibiotics and a tube of that ointment and tells me to change the dressing twice a day and wrap it the EXACT SAME WAY AS HE DID!!!  Good luck with that!  So he gives me two days worth of dressing supplies, fits me with a ‘post-op’ boot, hands me the prescription and says he will see me next Tuesday. 
So I hobble into the pharmacy and he tells me to come back in 30 minutes. Half an hour later he gives me the pills but tells me that he can’t read the script for the ointment. He will have to call my doctor.  After numerous phone calls and trips to the pharmacy I finally got the stuff late last night, just in time for…. my electric service to go out, right after I had removed the old dressing.  I redressed it as best as I could in the dark and phoned the electric company. They said that the outage affected 800 homes and it should only last for one to four hours.  That was at 8:00 PM and the power returned at noon today. I spent the night with a flashlight, an old oil lamp and I cranked up the fireplace for heat. I did manage to doze off 3 times so I got some sleep.  No computer, TV, Microwave and afraid to open the fridge.  But the worst part was when both cell phones died.
I look at it as an adventure but it was really just bad timing.  Back to normal now.
And where was Becky during during all of this?  On vacation in Mexico!!!
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6 Responses to Small Town Newspapers

  1. -Grumps- says:

    You picked a fine time to leave me, LucileThe hydro’s gone out, and the cell phones both dead … Somethin like that anyways Bob. We had a power outage last Saturday morn fer a couple ‘a hours. Bit of a storm blowin, and a big ole branch broke from the tree out front taking the hydro line down at the pole. Could ‘a bin worse I spose. Could ‘a stayed fastened at the pole, ‘n ripped the side ‘a the house off. Counting our blessings.Take good care, ‘n will catch ya later. Ciao Fer Now …

  2. Babblelot says:

    I agree with Grumps…Ya picked ah fine time to leave me Becky!Oh dear Lord Bob you sure was in ah fix. Fireplace and flashlight sounds purty romantic. Well a few beers an cheese doodles and an hassock fer yer foot well there ya go. Let the good times roll while yer foot is healin. Big ole hugs Bob!!!

  3. GreatGranny says:

    Gracious, Bob, what a fix you were in. I’m glad things are working better for you. I hope that toe is well soon.

  4. Sue says:

    Poor Bob! What a night! Glad you got through it OK. Hope that foot improves…keep an eye on it for sure! Becky certainly seems to take a lot of vacations?!? Boy, I want HER job!!!! Glad you were able to get things done by yourself—You know we’d all help if we could…

  5. CAROL says:

    HOly COW You did have one heck of a time of it. I sure hope the oiintment and meds work for you.. HATE that you are dealing with all this stuff and by yourself. sheesh.. Sue is right we sure would help ya out if we could.. I know Tuesday can’t come soon enough. Pharmacies drive me nuts .. been there a lot these days. give them hell Bob!! Take care : )

  6. sweeti's says:

    worse worst Bob.I feel so sorry for u…I know its same here..with docs u have to be impolite and yell…and then they help ui hope ur without keep BAxter inside TC my friendit was not ur dayMJ

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