Car Wars

Oh Boy!  Here we go again.  Interesting goings-on in my neighborhood on Sunday.  My Vietnamese neighbor, Billy, threw a birthday party for his daughter and as usual, every parking spot on the street was taken up by his friends, including four spaces in front of neighbor Rod’s house.  Those four spaces are sacred ground to him and NO ONE, EVER is allowed to park there without being on the receiving end of his wrath!
It all started when his wife went to the store.  Rod immediately arranged his orange cones in the street to reserve her space.  One of Billy’s guests pulled up and ran over two of the cones!  Uh OH!!  At his point Rod was livid with much screaming and gerturing going on.  But luckily his wife returned and things seemed normal (what ever that is here!).
I later strolled outside later and what did I see?  Rod’s son had two of his cars and his 100 foot motorhome parked in front of Billy’s house.  It had been there for 4 days.  I haven’t spoken to either of them but they both need a timeout.  Just don’t park in front of MY house!!  LOL!
Today, Monday, is pre-trash day.  Rod’s favorite.  I was taking my bins to the curb when I saw the local trash-picker going through Rod’s trash by the curb.  Soon enough Rod shows up along with his next door neighbor and they start reading that poor old woman the riot act.  It’s not as if she’s stealing from them… Just trying to eke out a living.  Well, who shows up but my neighbor’s gardener Ho Chi Minh* (Remember him??).  For some reason he begins moving trash from bin to bin.  Maybe he was giving them a recycling lesson?  Rod and his neighbor throw up their hands and go inside, the trash-picker finishes and for some reason Ho Chi Minh brings Rod’s bin TO HIS BACKYARD!!!!  Rod chased him away and had to once again move everything back to the street.  HAHAHA!!!
Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings but this time I’ll have my camera. 
Now, for those of you unfamiliar with my old gardener, AKA Ho Chi Minh, here is a post I did about him a few years ago while I was in the process of installing sod.

‘Ho Chi Minh was and still is the laziest gardener I have ever seen!  Does the bare minimum, hardly cleans up and recently raised his fees!  I have fired him 3 times now but he still show’s up every other week, leaning on the doorbell at 6:30 AM!  As far as I can remember, our last conversation went pretty much like this:
HIM:  You want mow?
Me:  NO!
Him:  Your lawn look like crap!!
Me:  It’s dirt, you moron!
Him:  Next week?
Me:  Go Away!!
Him:  OK!  Next week!!
Me:  I have a gun!!
Him:  See you next week!
That was like two months ago!  And who happens to show up at my front door this morning at 6:30 LEANING on the doorbell??  You guessed it!!  Ho Chi Minh!!  Wanting to mow!  I explained to him that it was NEW sod and could not be walked on for 3 weeks or mowed for a month!!  He did a few calculations on his abacus and declared that he would be here NEXT WEEK!!  I told him no and that it would be another 3 weeks before I wanted it mowed and also that HE would not be inflicting his brutal tortue on it!!  He replied that he understood about new sod but hoped I would change my mind.  I told him I would think about it.  He then turned around and walked DIRECTLY across the lawn!!  I yelled at him and he said OOPS, but continued walking across the rest of the lawn and the parkway portion too!’ 
I have a few new pics but it’s late so I’ll save them for later.
Bye for now!


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4 Responses to Car Wars

  1. Dana says:

    I LOVE LOVE your neighbor stories. You have the greatest! ROFL!!!!

  2. Jade says:

    Love your stories of the hood 😀

  3. GreatGranny says:

    Your neighborhood sure provides entertainment for you two and the dogs.

  4. Nancy says:

    wow Bob, the neighborhood has alot of characters living there! Sounds like its more interesting than TV!

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