4th of July… But Where Is Summer?

We celebrated a quiet 4th of July but it felt like November here.  No sun, some drizzle and the daytime temps never got above 67F or so.  So we made the best of it and grilled alot!!  ALOT!!!!
This was on the third of July.  Tri-tip roast with lots of horsereadish, Grilled corn and scalloped potatoes
We ate outdoors and thought we would freeze our butts off. 
On the 4th we had Baby Back Ribs, more corn and a few grilled Artichokes.  No pic… Too hungry!  Ate outside again…  BRRRR!!!!
Even the leftovers we had tonight were really good!  Finding good corn has been a real problem this year.  Maybe because of the weather.  One dollar per ear for shriveled up corn but I finally found a place selling decent corn, just in time.  By the way, do they even sell watermelons nowadays that’s NOT seedless?  The seeded ones are soooo much better!
The weather seemed to affect our neigborhood too.  I saw neighbor Rod once while he was out checking on who flew their flag and who didn’t.  Other than that, it was very quiet.  Also, fireworks are illegal in our town now but that didn’t stop some people.  My dogs went crazy, as usual, because the noise hurts their ears. 
Here is Neighbor Rod’s flag:
And Neighbor Anne’s flag.
Becky decided that our flag was way too old and that we needed to buy a new one.  When I asked her what made her think it was too old she said "I think it’s the 48 stars!!   Oh yeah, huh…  So I bought a new one (50 stars!!) and flew it Saturday, Sunday and today.  As usual, she had to watch and whistle ‘It’s a Grand Old Flag’ while I struggled to put it up.  The dogs sang along!  lol!!
It’s a beauty!!!
Of course, I had to wear my pajamas or it just wouldn’t be right, don’t you think?
All in all it was a pretty good fourth except for the weather but I’m sure that come Winter, when you are all complaining about the cold and snow, we will be having a heat wave.
I forgot to mention that despite the weather we did manage to plant a few flowers in the front.
And a new succulent
Now I want to read about your 4th of July holiday!!
Take care all!!
PS:  Tomorrow, Tuesday, is our normal trash pick up day but since Monday was a holiday, the whole neighborhood gets confused as to exactly what day is trash day.  In the past we have always peered out of our windows to see what Rod was doing.  After all, he is the neighborhood patriarch, counter of the flags and trash bin monitor.  However, he has been wrong the past several holidays so now it’s become every man for himself!  It’s actually become a well choreographed trash bin ballet!  If Rod puts his out there, ten others will and if he takes his back in, five folks will do the same.  Rod:  Puppetmaster!!  LOL!  As for me? I have too much trash to take any chances, thanks to doing yardwork. 
I’ll have my camera ready because the trash pickers always annoy him first!  LOL!
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6 Responses to 4th of July… But Where Is Summer?

  1. -Grumps- says:

    Had ta get me trusty converting calcumalator out ta figure for 67f. … 19.5 on the ole Celsius scale. Not too very warm out, but I’d have to say a danged sight more comfortable than 40c. (104f)48 stars?? Just how old is that flag Bob?? Some good eats for certain. Take good care Bob.Ciao Fer Now …

  2. Grandma's says:

    Our Canada Day (July 1st) was unseasonably cold too…we were dressing in layers and while waiting for the evening fireworks to begin we even had to sit in the car with the heater on….crazy weather.Starting today we get a one week heat wave…..but I won’t hold my breath on that one…our weather guys aren’t always accurate.Love your new flag….and your food looked yummy.Looking forward to hearing about trash day and maybe seeing some pics.Take care Bob.

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Bob! what a great neighborhood! I love the planter that your succulent is in! It was hot in az probably 104…it usually is 108 and it didn’t even rain!

  4. Carol says:

    Nope we didn’t abandon you we just are skipping around a lot these days. So many moved to Blogger now. I was happy to see you open up and update that facebook account. Glad to keep in touch there. Glad to get caught up here too. I still can’t bellieveCOLD there on the 4th and swel;tering in Michigan it just aint right! Love the pics and the update on what’s happeningin your neighborhood. NICE FLAG

  5. sweeti's says:

    haha Bob in pijamas lolvery very intimit loli love ur flower baskets beautiful ,and ur flag is very fresh with the right number of starsHere its 33 C Bob….we have to save water Imagine after a week hot weather.tc my friendMJ

  6. GreatGranny says:

    Nice pics and the food looks soo good. Glad you got a new flag and I’m anxious to see how trash day goes.

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