“One Foot in the Grave”? NAH!!!!

Not yet at least.  I saw my Doctor yesterday because 1. my foot and ankle are still swollen after months, and 2. the Staph infection on the bottom of my foot, although healing, has begun going deeper.  I do NOT want it to reach the bone!  That was how I lost the big toe on the same foot.  He told me that it was healing well and not in danger of going any deeper.  Hmmm….
So he cleaned it by cutting away some dead skin and applying some iodine-based goop.  Then came the fun part.  24 stiches and I was out of there, but not before ‘borrowing’ a few supplies.  The stitches didn’t hurt going in, perhaps because of my Neuropathy, but they sure hurt last night!!  GEEEEZ!!
I’ve been trying to stay off of my feet today but my wife hired a friend to do some heavy yardwork today so I’ve been up and down supervising and showing him where certain tools are.  And, of course, my wife is gone for the day.  I also temporarily have 4 dogs today and the gardeners are doing their thing today.  At least they are low maintenance.
Here’s Luka, guest puppy
The wild Corgie!!!
I wanted to share with you a photo of this unique, old planter I found several years ago.  I call it ‘Old Man of the Forest’!
Last year I used a plant that looked like hair growing down into his face.  Any suggestions?
Well, back to my supervisorial duties.  Later my friends,
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10 Responses to “One Foot in the Grave”? NAH!!!!

  1. Nancy says:

    How COOL IS THAT!! I absolutely love the planter Bob!…a feathery plant would be cool or maybe a chili pepper plant! I am really sorry to hear of an infection Bob

  2. Nancy says:

    my husband’s cousin was in the hospital 2 months for a deep bone infection in her hip and is still fighting it 2months later…it has really hampered her…stay off you feet Bob, once it is healed you can walk all you want…take care Bon

  3. maillady says:

    Hey Bob! Love the planter. I think I would try some kinda fern in there. Or maybe ornamental grass? Hope they get things straightened out with your foot.Or at least give some pain meds. Have fun with the puppy party, and stay off your feet! Take care

  4. Lisa R. says:

    Bob, I really hate hearing about the 24 stitches! Ouch! I really hope your foot heals quickly! Do try to stay off of it as much as possible.I love the planter, can’t think offhand what type of plant would look good. I looked up one: clivia plant, would look neat!Your friend always, Lisa

  5. john says:

    Staph is such a battle…. take care of itcool planter… loks like the little old lady down the street with the pipe

  6. Sue says:

    Neat Planter! Hope you get those feet under control! I know how hard it is to have to put your feet up. At least Luka will have other pups to play with so you won’t have to entertain him! Get better Bob!!

  7. Carol says:

    DANG I think that planter would look good with ivy etc something hanging is good. The face is freakish isn’t it? whoa…Stay off those feet and rest while you can.. take care of yourself and tell the pups to behave! : ) WHAT THE HECKis up with everyone’s name being SOMEONE//sheesh

  8. Jade says:

    wash yourself with iodine soap, it’s so contagious. Eep the planter is creeepy to me :DHow about some of that grass coming out of his head?!

  9. Sandra says:

    Glad to hear you are doing better, hope the infection heals quickly. 😀

  10. GreatGranny says:

    Scary planter, maybe one of those man-eating plants???? lol Hope your foot heals soon.

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