Home Sweet Home!

I arrived home about 2 hours ago and am almost settled in.  Waiting now for Home Care to arrive with IV and drugs.  As per usual, the hospital booked two home care contractors so that took awhile to straighten out. 
Home care arrived and started 2 IVs and taught Becky how to do it.  Looks pretty complicated to me but if she has a problem she can always call them.  They also replaced the pump and dressing on my foot, which I think I’m almost finished with. 
I’m carrying around a black tote on each shoulder.  One for the foot pump machine and the other for the IV pump.  Needless to say, I try not to walk around much.  But I feel great and am actually looking forward to the non-stop doctors appointments.  Sure, I say that now! 
Now if that isn’t enough, wildfire season has begun and we have aq couple of big ones going on now.  Firefighters appeared to be gaining the upper hand Saturday in a battle against a wildfire that has burned almost 14,000 acres in northern L.A. County.  Some 1,320 firefighters are battling the blaze along with 10 helicopters and a DC-10 air tanker.
Here are some pics:
These are considered ‘small’ fires!
That’s all from here.  I’ll be back later,

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5 Responses to Home Sweet Home!

  1. maillady says:

    I’m glad you are home. I hope you have an evacuation plan, just in case.

  2. john says:

    I V n drugs…. now that is a trip

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Bob, your still moving! nothing stops you Bob! so glad your home =]. I have been watching the fires on fox news…one catastrophe after another.

  4. Babblelot says:

    Hey, yer home! Sling’in two shoulder packs wow. Where do you keep the six pack cooler? Jist kiddin ya. Those fires are scary. If you start feelin warm….ya well keep the motor runnin. Git better Bob and don’t give Becky ah hard time now. Hugs!

  5. J W says:

    Many prayers flying your way. Don’t ever underestimate the goodness of our friends on this domain. I can’t imagine how you feel in light of all that is happening, but I can wish you blessings and safety from this cruel world. Don’t ever give up the good hope. Be well my friend.

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