What More Could Go Wrong?

The ‘wound vac’ on my foot developed a leak in the connection and the nurse could not fix it after six tries.  So she just wrapped my foot in gauze.  The gauze is soaked with blood every morning.  There will be a rep from the pump company and another nurse who supposedly is an ‘expert’ coming here tomorrow.  I will have been without the pump for 48 hours by then.  Turns out that this home-care outfit knows nothing about this pump.  A mix up as to which company would be providing my home-care. 
The IV pump began beeping last night so I phoned them and was told to turn it off and remove the batteries.  What they didn’t tell me was to check for a kink in the line, which was the problem.  Result, I lost 24 hours of meds from the IV.  Thankfully, it’s working now.  It seems as if the only person who has done their job has been Becky.  She has been manually attaching the second IV and making me stay put!!  Thank heavens for cable TV and the internet.
I see MY doctor on Thursday and is he gonna get an earful!!  One question will be, why do I have seven doctors who claim to be MY doctor.  They all have different ideas about treatment.  One wanted to place me in a rest home!  This home-care outfit is NOT the one that my doctor set up for me.
The good news:
The swelling has gone down in my foot and ankle
I spoke to the insurance company and everything is covered completely
I hope to have better news tomorrow.
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5 Responses to What More Could Go Wrong?

  1. doodle karen says:

    wow! damn…and wow! i hope you give em an earful- sounds like you are having a heck of a time- i am sorry and i hope all gets better for you real soon! karen

  2. john says:

    and now understands why people get upset at medical profession.hope you get it smoothed out…. staph is nasty and tough

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Bob, such mixed up news…you always pull out the good with the bad…praying you persevere Bob.

  4. Jade says:

    Well, I’m glad Becky is keeping your butt still- god knows it’s boringI can vouch for that- but it’s needed for now.

  5. GreatGranny says:

    Thank goodness you have a wife who can do what ‘they’ can do. Sure hope everything gets better soon. I’ve been behind in comments because of ‘puter problems.

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