Crazy Day

Just when I think that every day here in So Cal is the same as the day before, a day like this one occurs.  I woke up to a beautiful sunny day with the temps expected to reach 100 and saw this on the news.
25 foot waves from a storm way south of here.  As usual, the crazy surfers were out in force.
Next up were several small brush fires.
But due to the extreme heat and dry air, they got a little out of control.  My first thought was that they were due to arsonists, which alot of times they are.  However, the cause turned out to be these…
Although they say it never rains here, our skies looked like this in the afternoon.
 And then this…  (Not my patio!)
It’s looking like more of the same tomorrow and a cool-down on the weekend.  Oh yeah, we had a 3.6 earthquake today just to top things off.
I have, hopefully, my next to last doctor appointment tomorrow.  I’m expecting good news!  Bonnie had her sutures removed on Monday and she’s doing great!!
Now if I could just find my missing Desert Tortoise, Burt.
If you see the old geezer, he loves watermelon and plums!!  And he’s faster than he looks! lol!!!
All for now.  Have a great rest of the week.
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7 Responses to Crazy Day

  1. maillady says:

    What a great post! Terrific pictures, gave me a real feel of your day. You did say that was all one day, right? And an earthquake to boot, Wow! Good luck with the Dr. Appt. and I’ll keep an eye out for Burt. Take care

  2. john says:

    darn…. youse guys are gettin all the fun stuff, hi waves, fires in waves, electrification, trembling ground and a tortoise.

  3. GreatGranny says:

    It’s exciting in CA these days lol, bad lightening too That Burt seems to be a loner. What does he eat if he’s under the house?Good pictures. Glad Bonnie girl got her stitches out. How is Bob?

  4. Sue says:

    Hope Burt shows up soon…Glad to hear about Bonnie’s condition and that you’re on the mend. I know what you mean about getting in that rut of day to day stuff—things always find a way to change up! Have a great weekend!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Burt is off lookin for a girlfriend! How’s Bonnie doing? BIG HUGS, Steph

  6. CAROL says:

    HAH I wondered about Burt thanks for the update.. as for the weather there .. WOW you got a little of everything don’t you?Hope things settle down soon. Glad you and Bonnie are on the mend.. take care and have a great weekend. : )

  7. J says:

    Too much going on in So Cal for me and maybe Burt too!

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