Pics of my Dad and me

My Dad’s memorial service was today.  I couldn’t be there but I spent the time looking at old photos and remembering the days we spent together.
He and my Mom were high school sweethearts and married right before he left to fight in the Pacific in WW2.  My Mom bought the house while he was away and it was the only house we ever had.  Shortly after his return they had me
and five years later my sister, Susan, arrived.
My Dad began working at RCA Corp and retired from there 55 years later.  I think he missed 3 days of work during those years.  It was a 30 minute bus ride each way and when I was young, I would meet him at the bus stop almost every afternoon.
Among his hobbies were electronics, astronomy, mathematics, woodworking, gardening and being a great dad and husband.  He hated sports!! lol  He was not a humorous man but somehow he always kept me laughing.
He was a Deacon in our Baptist church and never missed a service.  He didn’t drink or smoke and would lecture anyone who did.  Whe he reached his 70’s my sister and I tried to convince him to hire someone to handle the yardwork and snow shoveling, to no avail.  We had enough trouble keeping him from climbing on the second-story roof!
He was a wonderful dad and I wish that all of you could have met him.
Here are a few of the photos that I looked at today.
Dad in uniform
On Leave
With his brother John who served in Europe
His first car
Dad and me
My dad, me and my first dog, Skippy
And, My Mom. She put up with the bunch of us!!  Still does.
Take care my friends and I hope you’re having a Great Labor Day weekend.
 PS  The song I’m playing is for Dad
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6 Responses to Pics of my Dad and me

  1. john says:

    Memories, a great healermy condolences

  2. Jade says:

    I just can’t believe it. I keep thinking of the time you were going to visit him & then visit Beth and I. I hope you heal Bob, from this and your foot…

  3. Sue says:

    Great tribute! Love the pics of you and your Dad—wish I could have met him. He sounds like a wonderful person and caring Dad. Glad you are enjoying the memories and will continue to throughout the years!

  4. sweeti's says:

    Sorry to hear BobMy condolences..What a beautiful way to share ur fanatstic dad with usGod be with himBe well.MJ

  5. Nancy says:

    what wonderful memorys you have Bob, most importantly when they followed Jesus they are not beyond our reach,,,,,,,may God comfort you with His promises in this time of sadness Bob and family

  6. GreatGranny says:

    Thanks for sharing your memories of your Dad, enjoyed seeing the photos of your family.

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