Birthday Party – Part 1

Last night we decided to have a birthday party for me that the dogs could enjoy.
So we bought them these:
Ice Cream in cups, for dogs.  What a concept!  Of course, they loved them.  They each reacted in different ways and it was a hoot watching them.
Baxter and Buzz were very excited!
VERY!!  Like ‘hair standing on end’ excited!
Baxter had to keep stopping because his little nose kept getting frozen.
Bonnie is a hoarder by nature so we didn’t see much of her until later.  She carried the empty cup around with her all night and even slept with it!
Notice how well her eye has healed!!
So tonight is Part 2 with 4 adults, if you can call us that, and FOUR dogs!!
Becky is making Moroccan Chicken!!  YUM!!  I’ll post the menu, photos and the recipe tomorrow in my Part 2 blog.  I can smell it already!!
The temps hit 95 today and more of the same tomorrow.  No rain in sight.
My leg is about the same but my foot has improved greatly.  I see the doctor this week.
I hope your weekends were very enjoyable.
Love ya all,
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One Response to Birthday Party – Part 1

  1. GreatGranny says:

    Nice that yall included your furbabies in your birthday celebration. Bonnie might have been hinting for a refill. Sure hope that leg shrinks. Y’all are having the high temps we had and now our temps are finally cooling.

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