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The Ice Bowl

  I watched Monday Night Football and they complained about the cold.  Wimps!!  Check this out!   The 1967 game, played on December 31 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, remains the coldest NFL game on record in terms … Continue reading

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LA Times sports writer Mike Penner dead at 52

I’m not sure if you remember my post in 2007 but this guy (???) has always been my favorite sportwriter.  He came ‘out of the closet’ that year and revealed that he was a transsexual.  He changed his name to … Continue reading

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Knuckleball Pitchers

  Yeah.. I know.  Too much Baseball!  But I had to add this one.   The Dodgers called up a kid (22) from the minors and he throws Knuckle Balls and this is his first game in the Major League.  His name … Continue reading

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Show Dogs

Found this article in the Orange County Register (Yes, I subscribe to multiple newspapers!) by David Whiting.  It’s about a local Dog Show and I thought it was excellent!!   My first girlfriend was a dog. And I called her … Continue reading

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Cooler Today?? HAH!!

  ‘THEY’ said it would be!  LIARS!!!   Well, I guess if you consider 112 to 102 cooler, OK!   Slight onshore flow has returned but still HOT!!  The easiest job in the world??   A weatherman in So Cal in the Summer!!  … Continue reading

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Chinese Fire Drill

  I was rousted out of bed at 7:45 this morning because Larry was coming.  He arrived at 9:30.  I stumble into the laundry room and the hot water heater is spewing water from one of the fittings!!  The water heater is … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Losers

This is an article I found in Sports Illustrated written by Franz Lidz.  As a huge baseball fan and an even bigger Philadelphia Phillies fan I decided to post it.  It may seem boring to alot of you but it … Continue reading

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